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Responsible Pet Ownership: Spaying & Neutering

With a seemingly never-ending overpopulation of unwanted cats and dogs, it is up to us as pet owners to do our part. Spaying or neutering pets is a safe, effective and commonly accepted practice and one of responsible pet ownership.

While a surgery done under general anesthesia, spaying and neutering your pet is one of the most common procedures we do at Dana Point Animal Hospital. It is a quick, minor surgical procedure and your pet will experience minimal pain and recovery time afterwards. The surgery prevents unwanted pregnancies as well as many health problems in your pet long-term.


  • Spayed female dogs and cats are shown to live a longer, healthier life with fewer reproductive related health problems
  • Neutered male dogs and cats are shown to contract certain cancers and prostate problems far less often than their intact counterparts
  • Spaying & neutering prevents inappropriate urination in both sexes
  • Decreases aggression and territorialism
  • So much more!